January 11, 2019

I’m coming to you from the other side of New Year’s resolutions. You know. The side where you’re sneaking some cookie dough out of the freezer on a bigger and bigger spoon every time you go downstairs, and where you just decided an extra rest-day was in order, since cl...

We both have a few things that have been on our minds that we've wanted to work on: to get out of a health rut, each in different ways. We've also both had conversations with other 30-somethings who have similar thoughts and feelings. So, over the course of a f...

There has been a lot of attention as of late around how social media and mass media shape our culture. The way that messages are sent and received, such as in the news media or social media, have important implications for how we as social beings interact with one anot...

According to the Oxford Dictionary, assertiveness is having or showing a confident and forceful personality. Upon first reflection, I did not like the word forceful. But after some reflection, this initial gut reaction is likely a product of the influence of my gender-...

February 17, 2018

My podcast interview with ChiRunning coach Eric Collard on running and therapy, and why, for some, they're a match made in heaven.

January 11, 2018

Canadian Running Magazine writer, Noel Paine, asks what running therapy is all about in his blog profile of Off the Beaten Path Psychology and Wellness. Read the profile here

January 5, 2018

The new year can be notorious for bringing in a wave of mixed emotions connected to the past and the future. Feelings of regret, guilt, or dissatisfaction can mix with feelings of hope, optimism, and expectation. How can we look upon the past without judgement, and loo...

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