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Services for Couples


Improving relationship wellness by disarming conflictual patterns, increasing intimacy, and improving communication is foundational to the Gottman method of couples therapy. By utilizing evidence-based tools and interventions, you will begin to turn towards each other once again. Connect with Jennifer, who is Level 2 certified in the Gottman Method, to begin your journey together. 


Rooted in the theory of attachment and what we understand about emotions, relationships, and how we connect, Emotion-Focused therapy (EFT) supports individuals and couples to move towards interactions that are meaningful, and vibrant. Connect with Jennifer or connect with Kristy, who are both Externship Certified, to see if this approach would fit for you and your partner. 


Cognitive-Behavioural Conjoint Therapy (CBCT) for PTSD is an evidence-based treatment that has a three-for-one effect: It benefits the person diagnosed with PTSD, their partner, and the relationship. By approaching this work as a dyad, couples are able to work through avoidance and accommodation, and create a sense of togetherness that motivates connection while doing the hard work of therapy. We often hear, "What I couldn't do for myself, I could do for my family." Connect with Jennifer or connect with Kristy if you think CBCT for PTSD might be what you and your partner are looking for. 

What We Treat: Services


Understanding the healthy process of development in a relationship can help couples build resiliency despite hardship. Through this developmental work, couples learn to hold each other in mind even when separate, and integrate the 'good and bad' aspects of each other. Over time, you will begin to look to your partner as a source of comfort and return to one another. Connect with Kristy to get started. 

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