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Services for Adults


Travelling the unknown terrain of loss can be heartbreaking.  So often we try to move forward, but instead we become stuck in waves of grief that overcome us.  Grief is one of the most painful events in our lives and yet often we tell ourselves that we need to be strong, that we should get over it, or that we are feeling “too much” or “too little”.  We can also experience a harsh inner critic that keeps us stuck in painful emotions and judgmental thoughts.  Whether you have experienced the death of a loved one, the painful loss of a relationship, or a job loss or change, we can accompany you and support you in cultivating compassion for yourself so that your “grief mountain” doesn’t seem so impossible to climb. 

What We Treat: Services


Anxiety turns a mouse into a monster. It makes conveying a simple message seem like delivering a presidential speech. It can turn day to day tasks into a seemingly endless crusade. Through walking or running together, we will focus on calming the mind and being present in the moment. We will identify personal coping strategies that work for you and move beyond the worry.


Depression and sadness can make the world feel like a very lonely place. It can be hard to try to explain the pain you feel to others around you who may not understand. Together, we will consider your thoughts, feelings, and actions. From a place of non-judgement and compassion we will identify strategies to boost your mood and renew your curiosity in life. It can be hard to incorporate movement into your day when you feel down. Let's move, and talk, together.


The collection of memories we each have become a part of our unique human experience. Sometimes past events that were scary, troubling, or traumatic become stuck in our minds and influence our thoughts, emotions, and behaviours in the present. EMDR is one of the ways we can help understand how the past can affect the present. By working together to gently process the old stuff that is getting in the way, healing and growth can occur.


Humans are social beings. We need relationships to thrive and become our authentic selves. In relationships, whether in your family, marriage, friendships, or workplace, conflict can be difficult. Instead of it damaging your connection, we can work together to channel conflict into an opportunity for growth and positive change in a relationship.


Gender shapes our social and cultural context, and sometimes it can be difficult to manage our own values and beliefs amongst all the pressures and roles we have. Whether you are a mother suffering from postpartum depression or baby blues; a woman with many life roles that sometimes feels overwhelmed; or a young adult trying to figure out how to establish your intelligence and identity amongst the influences of social media, contact us. We will challenge assumptions and stereotypes, and work to define and assert your strengths.

EMDR Intensives

Sometimes we need to hold more space for our healing. EMDR intensives are concentrated sessions, generally between 3-6 hours in one day (with breaks), to process traumatic experiences and unhealthy patterns. Intensives are a goal focused, efficient way to focus on trauma recovery.

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