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  • Kristy McConnell, R. Psych.

4 Self-Supporting Tools for Educators

TAP-IN Video Resources for Educators

Before we can build environments where students feel safe and ready to learn, educators need to be able to balance their own nervous systems. Kathryn McMaster, Angela Normand, and I created this short series of videos adapted from the work of TAP-IN (Trauma Assistance Program International). TAP-IN are trauma experts working with first-responders on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic. These videos are designed to support educators as they continue to educate our young people in schools despite the uncertainty this involves. The strategies shown in these videos can be used to recalibrate educators’ nervous systems and build additional resilience in order to continue to support themselves and their students.

Our hope is that this short series of strategies will help teachers, administrators, educational assistants, office administrators and other helping professionals within the education system care for themselves, while they continue the immense work of inspiring our youth.

*TAP-IN is a non-profit aligned with the Parnell Institute, founded by Dr. Laurell Parnell. These videos have been adapted from Trauma Assistance Program's International's First Medical Responder Video, USA.


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