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  • K. McConnell, R. Psych.

Podcast: Two Lifelong Friends Chat About Health and Wellness in the 30 Something Years

You know those friends that you don't chat with often, but when you do you come away feeling refreshed and renewed? Those friends that bring out all the good parts of yourself when you connect? Friends are chosen, unlike family, and as we get older these voluntary relationships can earn their place in our lives as one of the true precious gifts life gives. Socioemotional selectivity theory posits that as the hairiness of kids, careers, and the daily grind begins to slow down, we start to yearn for more ingredients that improve our quality of life. This is when lifelong friendships can come back into focus and we can start from where we left off. Kristen has been my friend for almost 30 years! 30 years of life, love, loss, and journey. We live in different provinces, and don't see each other often, but when we do, all is good in the world again. Listen to this podcast, where we reconnect and reflect on the past, present and future.

Kristy McConnell and Kristen Tusor
Kristy McConnell and Kristen Tusor

Kristen and I in our formative years. We're thinking this is from grade 9, but who knows. One thing is for sure, Kristen still rocks bangs better than anyone I know.

In my eyes, Kristen has always approached life with curiosity, genuineness, and openness. And as such, she had the great idea to put our conversation out there, for all to hear. She and I both have a few things that have been on our minds that we've wanted to work on: to get out of a health rut, each in different ways. We've also both had conversations with other 30-somethings who have similar thoughts and feelings. So, over the course of a few conversations, we're going to support each other as friends. Below is the first instalment, where we try to narrow in on what we are each going to work on. Enjoy, and let us know what you think!

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