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Nose Creek Park in Airdrie
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Airdrie and Calgary, Alberta  Psychologists
Walk, Talk and EMDR Therapists

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OBP Psychology and Wellness: Welcome

Off the Beaten Path Psychology and Wellness is for those who want to try a different approach to counselling. We provide psychological services to people of all ages and often combine movement and talk therapy in Airdrie and Calgary, Alberta. Counselling should not be a one size fits all approach. We aim to take therapy off of the couch and sometimes, out of the office to support your mental health and wellness. You are welcome to book outdoor, office or online counselling appointments. EMDR, Emotion-focused therapy, couples therapy, and psychoeducational assessments are all offered. Welcome!

You are ready to reconnect with yourself and others and you deserve a therapy approach as unique as you are. We are here to walk with you on your journey towards wellness. Inside or outside, you always have a choice.


Mental Health Counselling for Adults


We specialize in providing support for adults looking to reconnect with themselves and feel better. We provide:

Couples and Marriage Therapy


Learn how emotions, thoughts, and communication can lead to patterns in your relationship. Reconnect through:



Our psychologists have all worked within the educational settings that support our children. We provide personalized services for children including:

EMDR Therapy Intensive


Therapy Intensives— are a specialized, extended counselling format spanning multiple hours or days. Experience accelerated therapy tailored to your needs, fostering deep exploration and rapid progress within a supportive, safe environment:

We know what it's like to search for the right fit - someone you jive with. At Off the Beaten Path, we aim to provide a place where you will feel supported. We hold a space of non-judgement, curiosity, humour, nurture, and care. We show up as our authentic selves and work to gain your trust so that we can move forward together. 

Kristy McConnell, Registered Psychologist

Kristy McConnell

Registered Psychologist, Founder

Jolene Siemens, Registered Psychologist

Jolene Siemens

Registered Psychologist

Jennifer McIntee-Leinweber, Registered Psychologist

Jennifer McIntee-Leinweber

Registered Psychologist

Karli Alm, Registered Psychologist

Karli Alm

Registered Psychologist

Christine Cimolai, Registered Psychologist

Christine Cimolai

Registered Psychologist

Carlin Olynyk, Registered Provisional Psychologist

Carlin Olynyk

Registered Provisional Psychologist

Off the Beaten Path Office

Complete our online form to let us know what service you're interested in, and if you'd like to see someone in Airdrie or Calgary. Here you can also let us know if you are interested in indoors, outside, online, or a combination of settings. 

Nose Creek Park Walking Sesssions

We will then call or email you as soon as we can. We happily provide free 10 minute screening calls, because finding the right fit is so important. During this first connection we will discuss how we work here at OBP and let you know how to book your first session with us. 

Off the Beaten Path Calgary

At the first session, we will get to know a bit about you, including learning about the important people in your life, what you do for fun, what you're proud of, and much more. We'll also begin to explore ways we can work together to co-create a plan and develop goals that fit with what you are hoping to get out of counselling. 

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