Off the Beaten Path Psychology and Wellness combines movement and talk therapy outdoors in Airdrie and Calgary, Alberta. It is designed to help women and mothers, youth, people new to therapy, or anyone who wants to try a different therapeutic approach to live happy, healthy lives. Office appointments, EMDR, couples therapy, and psychoeducational assessments are available as well. Welcome!

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Office Sessions


Hello! I'm Kristy McConnell, R. Psych. I created Off the Beaten Path to provide psychotherapy for those in the Airdrie and Calgary area who are interested in combining movement with therapy. Along with my colleagues, Jennifer McIntee-Leinweber, Christine Cimolai, and Jolene Siemens, we aim to take therapy off the couch and out of the office. That being said, office appointments are also available for those who would like the option to choose, or for those who are interested in EMDR, couples therapy, or  psychoeducational assessments.


When outside, by walking or running together, we will use its benefits as a catalyst for the work we do. Therapy is a process of self-development and growth. Therefore, this mindful, strength-based approach to mental health treatment is not a running or exercise program. It is not about getting thin or in shape. By connecting with the outdoors and paying attention to the mind-body connection, we will move forward, together.


Running and walking has helped breathe life in and breathe out the tough stuff. It’s amazing the clarity that can come from connecting with nature and moving the body forward.